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Household Spiders are a common occurrence here in the Pacific Northwest. Though most of our local Spiders are harmless, certain species–including the Black Widow and Hobo Spider–can be dangerous. Whether or not you’re scared of these eight-legged creatures, you don’t want them living in or around your home.

The key to keeping Spiders out of your home is regular pest treatments. That’s where we come in. EcoCare Pest Solutions can help eliminate your current Spider problem and prevent future problems, too.

Our Approach

Our Spider treatments begin on the exterior of your house, followed by a focused application of eco-friendly pest control formulas inside. Here’s what you can expect:


Spider control starts outside. Our experienced technicians target areas where Spiders are most prevalent. We apply appropriate liquid treatments along the following areas of your house:


Next, we’ll move inside to areas where Spiders are most likely to run and hide, including:

We offer effective and eco-friendly pest treatment solutions. With no harmful fumes or smells during this process, you don’t have to leave while we treat your home for Spiders.

Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are the perfect home for Spiders and other critters. If you have a crawl space, we apply a product that knocks down the Spiders and any other insects living underneath your home. These other insects are not only potential pests but a food source for Spiders.