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Mid-Summer Pest Control

Mid-Summer pest control services are directed at actively growing pest populations.  Most insects are aggressively gathering food in order to tend to their rapidly growing young.  Treatments are directed outside your home to prevent pests from moving inside.

Services We Perform (as applicable)

Treatments around foundation of home to help maintain barrier prevention against ants and many other crawling insects.

Treatments along cracks, crevices and voids in exterior walls help prevent wasps from establishing mid summer nests.

Inspections and treatments along roof lines, around doors and windows, behind shutters and exterior lights to prevent wasps, spiders and other insect invaders.

Inspecting and treating as needed near the home such as outside trash storage, tree trunks, outside furniture frames, barbecue area and other areas prone to pest activity.

Maintaining exterior rodent control, if it is necessary.

Complete a thorough inspection of your home exterior and surrounding property for other pests and conditions which attract and support pest activity.

What to Expect

It is common to see occasional insects either inside or outside your home during warmer months, however if you notice them repeatedly in one place please contacts our service department to schedule an additional visit at no extra charge.

Should you notice bees, wasps or hornets building nests on or near your home at any time before your next scheduled service, contact us for an additional service call.

Common Pests