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How Exterior Spraying Works Wonders

In this video, Erika expertly explains the process and benefits of applying Termidor around your home’s perimeter. Termidor is renowned for its transference effect, a critical feature that makes it one of the most effective ant control solutions available. As ants come into contact with the treated area, they unknowingly carry the treatment back to their colony, directly targeting and eliminating the queen and, subsequently, the entire colony.


Our precise application method—12 inches up and 12 inches out from your home’s foundation—is meticulously demonstrated to ensure comprehensive coverage. This strategic approach is designed to create an invisible barrier that offers unparalleled protection against ants, preventing them from entering your home.

Do Store-Bought Products Work for Ant Removal?

In this video, Erika illuminates the key differences between expert and general-use pest management approaches.

Erika begins by addressing the limitations of over-the-counter pest control products like Terro. These items, she points out, often underperform due to the potential for misuse, environmental dispersal, or simply because they’re formulated to be less impactful as a safety measure. Consequently, these products are not only less expensive but significantly less effective. She highlights a common issue with tarot bait stations that many homeowners face: their flawed design that traps ants inside, preventing them from carrying the bait back to their colony.

Contrasting these consumer products, Erika explains the advantages of the professional-grade solutions we employ. Developed through rigorous research, our products are of a much higher quality and effectiveness. They feature a transference effect that is crucial for long-term pest management, encouraging ants to transport the treatment back to their colony, thus addressing the problem at its root.

Moreover, Erika stresses the importance of professional application. Licensed professionals like herself not only understand how to apply these treatments safely but also possess the expertise to use them effectively, ensuring comprehensive pest control without compromising your home’s safety or environmental health.

Why Termidor is So Effective

In this video, Erika brings to light the fascinating science behind why Termidor, a product initially designed to combat termite infestations, proves equally effective against ants. This educational video is part of our commitment to sharing insights into the pest control methods we employ and their basis in deep ecological understanding.

In her clear and engaging explanation, Erika delves into the eusocial structure of ants, a characteristic they share with termites. This social organization centers around the queen, whose primary role is egg production, while the rest of the colony works in unison to nurture and protect their community. Such a tightly knit living arrangement facilitates the spread of Termidor throughout the colony once it is introduced.

Erika highlights a crucial aspect of why Termidor and similar products are so effective against ants: these insects inadvertently assist in their colony’s downfall. As ants traverse through treated areas, they collect the product on their bodies and transport it back to their nest. This nest, often hidden within walls or other inaccessible places, becomes exposed to the treatment without the need for direct human intervention.

By understanding the social behaviors of pests, Erika and our team are able to leverage these habits for more efficient and effective pest management.