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There are about 3,000 species of Spiders occurring in North America, but less than a dozen are common household pests in the Pacific Northwest. Only two spiders in the United States are considered dangerous to man, the Black Widow Spiders and the Brown Recluse Spiders.

Spider Recognition

All Spiders are predators, feeding on mainly on insects, so wherever their food is available, Spiders are likely to be found. Spiders are a type of arachnid. They have a body with two sections, eight slender legs, and will usually have 8 eyes, though certain species have only 6 eyes.

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Spider Biology

Mature Spiders lay their eggs in a silken sac, which will take several weeks or more to hatch. Spiderlings will typically look like a miniature version of their adult counterpart. Several commonly encountered Spiders here in the Pacific Northwest are the Orb Weaver Spider, the Hobo Spider, House Spider, Daddylonglegs and the Yellow Sac Spider.

Though many of our local Spiders look large and ferocious, most are relatively non-aggressive, typically only biting when severely provoked such as squeezing. Bites usually occur when people are cleaning out neglected places such as basements, attics or garages, and usually results in no more than slight swelling and inflammation.

Always consult a physician if a spider bite is suspected. It is particularly important to capture and take the suspect spider along for identification.

Spider Control

Spider control begins outside. Exterior treatment by a trained and licensed pest control operator can be completed by applying an appropriate pesticide along foundations, corners, and around doors and windows outside which is extremely effective by keeping outdoor populations around a structure from becoming too great, as well as to help prevent Spiders from getting back inside.

For control of Spiders inside, an interior treatment can include application of an appropriate pesticide along baseboards, corners and around doors and windows inside, along with an application in the crawl space under the structure.

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