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If you’re a homeowner in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve likely heard of the pesky roof rat, sometimes called “tree rats.” These rodents pose a significant challenge, nesting in your roof, causing serious issues, and exploiting your home’s resources. But fret not! This article is your guide to understanding roof rats, identifying them, and, most importantly, getting rid of them using safe, eco-friendly solutions.

EcoCare Pest Control is a locally-owned, family-run pest control company in Portland. Our team of highly trained technicians is ready to help you reclaim your home. Read on to learn more about roof rats and how to get rid of them if they’ve infested your home.

How to Identify Roof Rats

Roof rats, as their name suggests, often find refuge in high places like attics and ceilings. They are typically 6-8 inches long, excluding their tail, and possess a sleek, black, or brown coat. Their most distinctive features are their pointed snout, large ears, and a tail longer than their body.


Spotting these characteristics or finding their droppings, which are capsule-shaped and dark, can indicate a roof rat infestation. If you suspect you may have rats in your home’s roof system, it’s essential to contact a professional to confirm as soon as possible.

Common Roof Rat Nesting Locations

Roof rats prefer high, secluded areas; hence they’re often found in attics, ceilings, and upper parts of buildings. However, they also nest in dense vegetation, piles of wood or debris, and tree tops. Keep an eye out for signs of nesting in these areas – this could include shredded material, droppings, or even the sound of scurrying at night.

Roof Rat Food Sources

Roof rats are omnivores that prefer fruits, nuts, and seeds, but they won’t say no to food in your pantry or pet food left out overnight. One key to controlling a roof rat infestation is to eliminate their food sources. This can include securing your food in airtight containers, regular cleaning, and managing your outdoor vegetation to reduce their access to fruits and nuts.

Roof Rats Daily Activity Patterns

Roof rats are primarily nocturnal creatures. They become active at dusk when they venture out searching for food and return to their nests at dawn. During the day, they stay within their nests, so you might hear movement sounds in your attic or ceiling at night.

Why Should You Worry About Roof Rats?

Roof rats aren’t just a nuisance; they pose serious risks to your home and health. They can spread diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis, trigger allergies, and even cause fires by chewing through electrical wiring. Their constant gnawing can also result in significant structural damage to your home.

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Now that you know how to identify and deal with roof rats, taking quick action is crucial if you suspect an infestation. Remember, handling these pests can be dangerous without proper training and equipment. As an experienced pest control company, EcoCare Pest Control can comprehensively solve your roof rat problem.

Whether you’re dealing with rats in your roof or ceiling, we’re here to help. Our affordable services ensure that all homeowners can keep their homes safe, clean, and free from unwanted pests of all kinds. Don’t let roof rats disrupt your peace of mind: Trust the professionals at EcoCare Pest Control to deliver swift, eco-friendly, and effective solutions. Contact EcoCare Pest Control for your free roof rat inspection and quote today!

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