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Possum Removal in Portland, OR

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Is your home experiencing Possum damage? At EcoCare Pest Control, we specialize in safely removing and controlling possum infestations in the Portland and Vancouver area.

Possums can cause serious issues in your Portland or Vancouver home! Possums are known to rummage through garbage, make a mess of lawns and gardens, and destroy homes from the inside and out.

Possums leave feces around your home and property, spread disease, attract fleas, and create a horrible smell. Once in your home they often nest, eventually dying in the crawl space and creating a gross smell and an air-quality emergency in your home.

Protect your home and family by taking care of any possum infestation immediately. EcoCare Pest Control’s preventative and eco-friendly Opossum removal and control team is here to help.

Great company with amazing employees. Jimmy is always so helpful and answers all my questions. Even brought our dogs treats. Such a nice guy and always great to see him. Great job controlling pests and come out anytime we have any issues. Glad we found them! – Krista D.

Our Approach to Possum Removal & Control

1. Property Inspection & Analysis

First, our certified Portland Opossum control team will thoroughly inspect the inside of your home, assessing any damage and looking for any unnoticed problems. Additionally, we’ll inspect your home’s exterior, searching for Possum access points like holes in your vent screens, siding, or foundation.

Once a diagnosis has been made, we’ll explain what we’ve found and design a control and prevention plan that will actually work.

2. Exclusion

If Opossums have made their way into your home, we’ll seal off every point of entry to stop their access. Our Opossum control team is extremely thorough – we’ll never leave anything to chance. If your home needs a large technical repair to stop the flow of Opossums, our partner construction company will perform the work.

3. Careful Possum Extermination

Our Portland Possum control team utilizes a series of professional traps and safe capture methods to rid your home and property of pests. These targeted Opossum control methods are poison-free, extremely effective, and will keep your entire family safe (even your pets!)

Inspect. Exclude. Exterminate. Our experienced Portland and Vancouver exterminators make Possum removal safe and simple!

An awesome company to work with. Kind and courteous people on the phone and in person, and the solution they use on the inside is totally humane and pet-friendly. It’s been almost a year now and no more pests! – Kevin C.

Why EcoCare Pest Control?

EcoCare Pest Control experienced Portland Opossum control team focuses on solving the underlying issue of your Possum infestation, not the symptoms. We want to ensure no Opossums ever get back into your home and inflict damage again.

  • A+ BBB rating
  • BBB accredited since 2001
  • Over 36,000 customers served
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured in both Oregon and Washington
  • 900+ reviews on Angie’s List, the highest of any pest control company in the Portland area
  • The Portland area’s only pest control company to win the Super Service Award from Angie’s List every year since 2006 (presented to the top 5% of companies in any category)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Opossum control services near me? Our friendly, experiences, and professional Opossum exterminators work all throughout the Portland and Vancouver metro areas. Contact us and we’ll come out to your home and generally offer a free, no-obligation quote. What attracts Opossums to my home? Possums are drawn to residential homes because they provide a safe environment and stable temperature. They’re generally drawn by food and shelter, particularly pet food and garbage. Properties with lots of trees, unsecured garbage, open pet food, or animal feeders are in particular risk. Can Opossums hurt my pets? Yes! Opossums are known to play dead around humans to avoid confrontation, which may cause your pet to investigate and be bitten! While Opossums will generally be afraid of humans, they may feel more comfortable around a dog or cat, making them particularly vulnerable. Do you do all your prevention and Possum damage repairs in-house? Our EcoCare technicians perform almost all of our Opossum prevention and extermination work. When we need further expertise, we partner with our experienced sister construction company to ensure the job is done right. The one exception is electrical damage, which we’ll subcontract since it requires a special license and expertise. Read More Frequently Asked Questions

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