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Soil Ants

The Soil Ant is a general term for a number of species of ground nesting ants. Soil Ants can be found on every continent, except Antarctica.

Soil Ant Recognition

Soil Ant workers can range in size, but will not be more than 1/4″ long. Most Soil Ants will be a dark brown to black in color.

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Soil Ant Biology

Soil Ant colonies may be composed of several hundred workers but may have more than 200,000 workers in a large, multi-site colony. A nest of 100,000 workers can have several hundred reproductive queens and dozens of “nest” locations, all interconnected with each other. Soil Ant workers can live between six weeks to a year and Queens can live up to two years.

Soil Ants will feed on nearly anything of nutritional value, such as dry pet food, dried meats, other insects, sugar, syrups, fruit, flower nectar, etc.

Soil Ant Control

Achieving control of Soil Ants requires thorough treatments and due to their extremely large colony size, it can sometimes require more than one treatment to gain control. Interior treatment by a trained and licensed pest control operator can be completed by applying an appropriate pesticide along baseboards, low corners and windowsills inside. In addition, it is important to treat the crawl space under a structure to help prevent re-infestation. Exterior treatment consists of a perimeter around the foundation of the structure to reduce the population directly in contact with the structure and to help prevent re-infestation from outside. Learn more with EcoCare Pest Control

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